Overpriced butty is internet hit

© Azilef Speers/Facebook
The offending sandwich.

A PHOTO of a ham sandwich purchased by a Briton at Ibiza airport has gone viral, with hundreds of shares on social networks.

Azilef Speers was disgusted to find that the €6,05 ‘premium’ sarnie contained just half a slice of insipid boiled ham with the slightest scattering of bedraggled iceberg lettuce.

In protest, she posted a photo of her unappealing lunch to her Facebook account.


Alongside the photo, she wrote: “Ibiza airport ripoff €6.05 for this utter rubbish. Made by Newrest Group Holdings What a damned cheek.”

The image was shared hundreds of times, with comments including: “God knows what the regular must look like,” and “Pathetic and lazy.”


  1. Airport food is a rip off – so when I went for my monthly trip to USA I only bought drinks if I had to- usual waited for in flight food last time returning BA the in flight food was in comparison with that airport sandwich but it was a dried out roll


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