Granada mayor refuses to resign

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Granada Mayor (Centre).

CALLS for the Granada Mayor Joseph Torres Hurtado, arrested on corruption charges, to step down have intensified with the determined mayor refusing to resign. 

Within 24 hours the appeals for his resignation have intensified following statements from other political parties and citizen groups. One citizen statement read: “Let’s raise a motion of censurebecause Torres Hurtado cannot return as mayor,” although the spokesman went on: “we will not ban the PP.” Another group confirmed on Thursday April 14 that itis willing to maintain the PP government in Granada if the mayor is removed. 

Requests from within the PP party for the mayor to resign have allegedly been proposed but as yet with no result as the mayor is being investigated for 10 alleged crimes. 

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Along with 11 councillors, the mayor came into office with thanks to an elective system which represents the PP party.Citizen’s spokesman in Andalusia, Juan Marin, said:“The PP won the elections,we respect, we supportit, but the PP has failed.

The Government of Andalusia wants to remove powers from the mayor, as they did with Marbella Mayor Jesus Gil during his corruption scandal, before the accumulation of complaints and investigation on the management becomes overwhelming. 

The secretary general of the party, Alberto Matarán, accuses the PP of “systemic corruption,” and included blame on Sebastian Perez, senator, president of the PP in Granada and number two in the city who was one of the candidates who helped Torres Hurtado succeed.

The mayor of Granada has been released with charges pending for the alleged crimes of bribery, fraud, conspiracy, breach of trust, influence peddling, embezzlement of public funds, forgery of a commercial document and unfair administration amongst other charges. 


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