Deaths feared in Tenerife building collapse

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Tenerife building collapse

UPDATE: Although five people remain unaccounted for, no deaths have been confirmed following the collapse of the apartment building in Tenerife. 

Seven people have been injured, with one 57-year-old woman in a critical condition, while four people have been rescued from the rubble by emergency services. 

A 55-year-old woman is being treated after suffering a panic attack, and the Spanish Red Cross are also on the scene lending assistance, following the lead of a military emergency unit which was dispatched to deal with the ongoing rescue operation. 

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The owner of the Hide Away pub which is adjacent to the apartment complex, has said that the terrace was “obliterated.” Three other buildings have suffered damaged and evacuation protocols are in place. 


AT LEAST one person is thought to have been killed and two seriously injured following the collapse of an apartment building in Tenerife this morning.

The exact numbers of injuries remain unknown at this point and several media outlets are reporting that there may have been a second fatality.

Emergency services are still working to help free eight or more people trapped in the rubble of the four-storey complex, while neighbouring buildings have been evacuated.

There are also unconfirmed reports that a British pub was seriously damaged in the aftermath.

The disaster struck in the village of Los Cristianos amid suggestions that a gas explosion may have caused the collapse, with one witness telling a local radio station that “there was a loud explosion and then the street was covered in dust”, while another reported hearing screaming from inside.

Los Cristianos is one of Tenerife’s busiest resorts and the apartment complex is understood to have several flats rented to tourists. It is as yet unknown whether any Brits were caught up in the tragedy.

Works had been carried out on the building’s ground floor in recent weeks but were halted due to the alleged discovery of dangerous structural cracks.

More updates to follow


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