Brexit or not

Conservatives abroad arranged an exchange of views on April 13.

Several hundred people turned out for the presentation organised by the Conservatives Abroad at the Tamisa Golf Hotel on April 13 on the matter of the Brexit. Considering that this was held during a working day which meant that mainly ‘silver surfers’ attended, the response even surprised the organisers who had to open another room to cater for all of the attendees.

It was made clear from the outset that this was to be an afternoon of non-political discussion with a range of opinions from both sides of the Brexit argument delivered by people who had some knowledge of the matter, but were themselves not necessarily even able to vote.

Each speaker was allocated 10 minutes in which to put forward their view and much of what was said was to be expected. The pro Brexit speakers, Gary Benham and David Stanley referred to their backgrounds and the fact that both had travelled to Spain looking for a better life and had brought their skills with them.

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In their opinions, the EU was smothering both themselves and Britain and they were not happy about the central government which continued to grow in strength in Brussels.

The opposition presented by Gloria Ketchell and Ann Hernadez concentrated on the benefits of membership of the EU and the fact that at least people knew where they stood with regards to the Union and basically it was suggested that it was better the devil you knew than the devil you don’t know.

Everyone was very polite and dispassionate until the time came for members of the audience to pose questions with a two minute limit. Things started to get a little heated as individuals took the opportunity to make speeches rather than ask questions and people started to become a little fractious whilst others left.


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