Triple A charity mystery

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View of part of the Triple A premises.

THERE is considerable confusion regarding the reasons behind a raid which took place on April 11 by officers from the Guardia Civil on the premises of the Triple A animal charity Marbella, which has just celebrated its 25th Anniversary and was due to hold an open day on April 17 to attract additional support.

It would appear that the president, secretary and a vet were all arrested during the raid, which is supposedly investigating the possibility that personal gain has been made by the shipping of certain dogs to Germany and although there was an ongoing investigation, the raid itself was triggered by the fact that details of the review may have been leaked.

One rumour suggests that the supply of the information concerning the alleged wrongdoing was passed to the authorities by an individual who had a grievance with either the charity or those involved in running it.


Further rumours abound that the animals in the care of the charity will be put down and this is highly unlikely, indeed it is possible that the Marbella Council, which currently assists the charity, will if necessary assume some responsibility for caring for the animals in the event that the refuge remains closed for any period of time.

This has been one of the most successful and well-respected animal charities in the area, attracting a number of high profile supporters who have helped raise significant funds in support of the care it has given to so many animals, and this latest news has been greeted with disbelief.

As the story unfolds, so more information will be revealed.



  1. Que esta pasando??!!!
    How can this happen to an astablished, well respected and greatly supported charity? I smell that something is not right…
    The Galga.


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