Spanish firm invents adultery-detecting mattress

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The Smarttres detects ‘suspicious’ activity.

SPAIN is said to be among the countries with the highest infidelity rates in Europe, with adults being unfaithful an average of 2.3 times per year according to one recent report. It thus stands to reason that many Spanish folk might want to know exactly who has been sleeping in their beds.

That is the theory behind Smarttres, the world’s first ‘intelligent’ mattress that is able to detect clandestine erotic deeds using what the manufacturer claims is revolutionary technology.

Although it looks like a normal mattress, the Smarttres conceals hidden gadgets which inform owners if their bed is being used in a ‘suspicious’ way via an application for mobile phones.

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The Smarttres has been designed and produced by Galician firm Durmet, who will officially unveil the product in Madrid on Wednesday April 13, in order to promote International Kissing Day.

The company have organised a series of open days during which members of the public will be invited to try out the mattress, which is supported by the slogan “So that you can relax at night, but also during the day.”



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