Neymar asked to learn Catalan in contract

© Mooinblack / Shutterstock
Neymar Jr.

A LEAK has revealed that Barcelona hotshot Neymar is set to earn €46 million in his five-year football contract on the proviso he learns Catalan at Barcelona FC. 

A whistle-blowing site specifically aimed at the football industry, called Football leaks, disclosed the 24-year-old football prodigy’s contract details on Monday April 11. 

Following controversy over the Brazilian’s original transfer, the team had already made certain elements of the contract public, but now a copy of the full contract reveals that there are a number of performance related bonuses and Barca will have to make up the difference should the player not make at least €45.9 million. 


Barca paid an initial fee of €8.5 million to sign Neymar on top of his basic salary of €5 million a season.

Last season Neymar hit his targets as he helped his team to victory in the Champions League, La Liga and Copa del Rey. A €1.7 million bonus was paid. 

There have been ongoing discussions between the Barcelona giants and Neymar’s father over extending his deal beyond 2018. Recent reports have revealed that both Paris Saint-German and Manchester United are both considering paying the €190 million buyout clause.


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