Missing the UK?

© Phil Campbell flickr
Eight dreaded optics in a row.

THERE are things that I miss about the UK (not many), children, grandchildren, the Friday night meet with pals putting the world to rights and the craic.

However a little birdie told me of a sinister happing somewhere in Quesada that stems from British boozers. It won’t affect me as I rarely touch spirits and if I do, I won’t be frequenting this bar in the near future, even if I knew the name of it, which I don’t. My understanding is that they serve their spirits from OPTICS and not anywhere near gentlemen’s size!!!! Let’s get a grip here.

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Now I can appreciate the need for tighter stock control but optics in Spain. I hope for all the Gin and Tonic brigade’s sake this illness is not catching.

EWN says what an interesting concept for a feature. What do you miss about the UK and indeed what are you delighted you don’t have to put up with anymore? If we receive enough responses we can devote some space to your comments.


  1. Like I have been saying for weeks – “the spain” is turning into “the UK”….nuff said..This again for all those that missed it: This is nothing short of Rothschild law being introduced into Europe with its muscle of the Eurpoean Union digging their fingers evermore into the coffers of all of us non germans. As soon as Marbella lost the free parking fandango I knew we were in for for draconian measures.If Napoleon could see this now he would have been able to save us all from this bunch of crooks..

  2. Oiiiii Felipe, I understand your background, but if we invited you for a sunday shindig up behind your local palace and you brought those optics with you – Id go Oiiiiii Felipe NOOOOO!!! I respect your balanced views on Larios but your walking on a think line here….Thinking you can up the ante??? i give im a slap…..


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