Hola Credito can help you to pay your bills

LOANS: On many items.

APRIL can be an irritating month, as sometimes a whole raft of bills arrive together  due to companies wanting to push certain charges into the new financial year. There could be a community charge, larger than expected electricity bill and car insurance to pay so it would help to be able to spread the load.

The good news is that a short term loan from Hola Credito (www.holacredito.com) may help you to keep up to date with your bills, and it’s easy to do.

Operating from a private office in Puerto Banus, the company offers a confidential service by lending cash against a number of easily stored items such as jewellery, watches or even cars which would be left as security.

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All you do is take a picture of the item and send it with a description to Hola Credito so that they price the item and give you an offer. If the offer is acceptable, you can either send the item to them or take it in yourself.

Once the item is received and provided it is as described, money can be transferred to your bank or handed over as cash quickly, and it will be held in safe, secure conditions until it can be redeemed. 

Most other lenders charge interest on a weekly or monthly basis but Hola Credito calculates it on a daily basis, so you only pay for the length of time you keep the loan and they offer very competitive rates.


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