‘Gibraltar, Stronger in Europe’ office opened on Main Street

© HM Government of Gibraltar
The leaders of the three main political parties in accord.

IN an almost unprecedented demonstration of accord, especially considering the harsh words previously bandied around between the government and opposition, the leaders of the three main parties in Gibraltar, Fabian Picardo (Gibraltar Socialist Labour Party), Joseph Garcia (Liberal Party of Gibraltar) and Daniel Feetham (Gibraltar Social Democrats) met to publicly confirm their joint agreement that Gibraltar should remain in Europe.

Now that Parliament is closed until after the referendum, they clearly have plenty of time to participate in this type of promotion so that those referendum voters in Gibraltar can be encouraged to vote to ‘Bremain’.

A new office supporting the ‘Gibraltar Stronger in Europe’ campaign has been opened in Main Street opposite the Cathedral in support of the ‘Britain Stronger in Europe’ campaign, and no doubt the statement from European Parliament President Martin Schulz on April 12 that “a Brexit could lead to an implosion in the EU” will give campaigners much heart.


Whilst the photo call for the opening of the new office attracted many onlookers, a public rally on April 12, organised by The Grassroots Out [GO] delegation which is in favour of the Brexit, was conducted by Conservative MP Andrew Rosindell and UKIP MEP Julia Reid and barely raised either an eyebrow or indeed an audience.


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