Catalan TV host burns Spanish Constitution live on air

© Youtube
Ms. Moliner burning a page from the Constitution.

EMPAR MOLINER, a presenter on TV show Els Matins (Mornings), has whipped up a storm by setting fire to a copy of the Spanish Constitution during the edition broadcast on Monday April 11.

The show is aired on Catalan channel TV3, and the presenter’s actions were a protest at the national Constitutional Court overruling a Catalan energy law, which aimed to prevent electricity companies cutting supply to poor families.

“Poor Catalans will have to use any book they can find as a heater,” exclaimed the presenter. She ripped pages out of the book, threw them into a metal dustbin before lighting them with a match as she continued: “Look how well it burns!”


Popular Party spokesman Pablo Casado commented that his party “demands an apology from TV3 for permitting a copy of the Constitution to be burned,” while referring to the stunt as “worthy of totalitarian regimes.”

The full clip was initially posted on TV3’s website with the title ‘When warming up in winter is unconstitutional’, but has since been removed.


  1. The Spanish government has already put 2 fingers up to the constitution with its totally illegal Ley Mordaza, the “gag” law. Fortunately I understand there is a movement which has taken this totally unconstitutional legislation to the court of human rights, let´s hope they win and return free speach to this country… A difficult thing to do when any kind of free speach is being locked down around the world from the UK to Australia. A lot more people need to wake up and realise that if the masses worldwide don´t stand up against our governments then we are really going to be living on a prison planet


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