Opposition to Ironman

© flickr by matias ximelis
CAIMARI: The village of Caimari doesn’t want the Ironman Triathlon to pass through its streets.

CAIMARI’S mayor doesn’t want the Ironman Triathlon to pass through the village unless there is remuneration for the residents who will be cut off because of the race.

Mayor Tofol Barcelo’s negative report regarding the triathlon could mean a change in the itinerary for the next Ironman.  Barcelo explained that half the village can’t get out during the race and part of the area doesn’t even have the option to use rural roads to move about.

Alcudia hosts the event, but Ironman Triathlon also goes through other municipalities including Muro, Santa Margalida, Manacor, Pollensa, Sa Pobla, Ariany, Petra, Escorca, Selva, Caimari, Llubi, Campanet and Maria de la Salut.


The 2015 triathlon attracted more than 2,000 runners who came to Mallorca with an average of two companions each and stayed on the island on average five and a half days.  Most of the participants came from the UK (22 per cent) followed by Germany (19 per cent) and Spain (13 per cent).



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