Spring breakers get into a scuffle

TRAFFIC INCIDENT: Two vehicles clashed near the Spring Break venue.

MORE than 2,000 young revellers descended on Mojacar last weekend as the 2016 edition of Mojacar Spring Break took place.

The first groups began to arrive on Thursday filling the Pueblo Indalo complex and adjacent Mojacar Beach apartments.

The three-day weekend attracts students and young people from across Spain and takes place every April.

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The weekend package includes accommodation and meals along with entrance to Mandala Beach where top DJs kept the massive crowds entertained until the early hours.

Despite the high numbers, the weekend passed with only a few reported minor incidents, one of which involved a group of Spring-Breakers and a British holidaymaker.

The Spanish driver of a mini-bus carrying Spring-Breakers and the British driver of a small van got into an altercation on Saturday following a traffic incident.

According to witnesses the two vehicles were travelling in opposite directions along the narrow stretch of road in front of the Pueblo Indalo when the two cars clashed, breaking the wing mirrors of both.

After both drivers had parked their vehicles to assess the damage, a scuffle broke out and the Local Police and Guardia Civil were called.

The British driver attended the medical centre in Mojacar.


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