Resurgent Spain is a hot real estate investment destination

© Alexander Tihonov via Shutterstock
SPAIN: The property market is blossoming.

SPAIN’s blossoming property market received another solid boost with the publication of a significant survey, which identified the resurgent Iberian nation as the third most attractive country for investing in real estate in Europe. 

The Global Investors Intentions Survey 2016, released by renowned real estate experts CBRE, revealed that 10.2 per cent of those interviewed selected Spain as their top investment priority. 

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The terrific news puts Spain third in the rankings after first-placed Germany, which 17 per cent of respondents chose, and the United Kingdom, which came second with 15.1 per cent. 

In a further boon for the recovering market and investor confidence, Madrid was once again revealed as the second most attractive European city for real estate investment. The business-friendly capital received a strong 12.2 per cent of the votes, particularly astonishing given that 53 European cities were listed as potential options. 

The news is excellent on a myriad of levels. Firstly as an indication that the market has performed well and, importantly, is viewed as having a positive future. 

It is also valuable as a means of highlighting Spain’s growing reputation as an investment destination. In this sense the report itself could easily contribute to further investment as savvy agents look to jump on a profitable bandwagon. 

Although Britain and Germany will remain tough acts to follow, if Spain can maintain its top three position next year it will complete a remarkable turnaround.


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