Future of fuel cells

NEW: FCV clarity.

HYDROGEN fuel cells are making their foray into a competitive renewable energy market as Honda unleashes its new FCV Clarity by the end of the year. It will immediately be launched into competition with other hydrogen-fuelled vehicles the Hyundai ix35 and Mirai from Toyota.

Far more efficient than the previous FCX model, the new vehicle features a fuel stack that is a third smaller with 60 per cent more power. It has an electric motor with 134 bhp and more ample space in all areas. 

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With just a five-minute refuelling time, the Honda FCV also boasts an impressive 300-mile range. 

The new Clarity is being billed as the only fuel cell vehicle to support certain multimedia features including Apple Car Play. It also features LED headlights and lightweight 18-inch aluminium wheels.

Hydrogen vehicles are largely perceived as a key player in the future car market, although there remain concerns over the expense of mass production. Needless to say now that the hydrogen wars have begun, scientists at respective manufacturers will be quickly fighting to improve efficiency and costs. 

Launched at the New York Motor Show, the Honda FCV Clarity will be available in the States and Japan this spring and grace European showrooms sometime over summer. It is expected to cost in the region of €50,000. 


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