Councils merge for better safety

COLLISIONS: There has been 17 deaths on local roads this year so far.

THE Costa del Sol and Malaga Province councils have asked the Spanish DGT traffic authorities for collaboration, in order to try and reduce fatal traffic accidents following a bad 2015 for local roads. One of the ideas on the table is to create a general board to focus specifically on the fight to reduce accidents, the DGT has reported.

Most of the accidents in the province last year happened on the streets of towns and villages, the authority has reported, and there were 17 deaths on the roads, seven more than in 2014. The authorities consider that unless something is done 2016 could be another black year, and stress that so far four pedestrians have been hit and killed in the province.


  1. It is hardly surprising as the quality of the country roads is now so bad due to lack of maintenance. Talking about it will not help rather than spending money on talks! repair the roads then you will see local deaths and accidents reduce


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