Cameron blunders with tax records release

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David Cameron on his way?

IN a move normally associated with a money drenched US presidential election, British prime minister David Cameron took the unprecedented step of releasing his tax returns, and immediately managed to worsen his dire situation.

Cameron, who comes from wealthy stock, has been fighting for his job in recent days as revelations from the Panama Papers place his family among those benefitting from various offshore banking syndicates.

Although he initially promised more than four years ago to be fully transparent about his personal finances, it was hardly a coincidence that he chose this Saturday April 9 to finally release his tax records.


It can be assumed that, unless Cameron is opting for a kamikaze political death rather than the slow poison of a Brexit vote, that the move has spectacularly backfired after the records showed indisputably that the Cameron family had managed to avoid paying £80,000 in inheritance tax.

Cameron’s father died in 2010 and his mother then transferred two sums of £100,000 into his personal accounts as a gift in order to help him overcome hefty inheritance tax payments on the estate.

It is the modus operandi of wealthy families everywhere but has further muddied the prime minister’s reputation after the Panama Papers revealed his father made huge profits from the kinds of offshore networks that have been exposed.

The revelations are largely seen as not befitting of a British prime minister and further tying the political establishment to unseen, anti-democratic financial interests.

“It has not been a great week. I know that I should have handled this better, I could have handled this better. I know there are lessons to learn and I will learn them. Don’t blame No 10 Downing Street or nameless advisers, blame me.” Cameron said in response to snowballing criticism and calls for his resignation.

The prime minister has switched tones from the defiant to the apologetic as he swings whichever way the wind blows to cover his back and protect what remains of his legacy.

Regardless of your political persuasion, the prime minister was looking set to go down as an average Conservative leader who changed a few things around, implemented brutal austerity measures and made a mess in a country with brownish people.

Now, like Tony Blair before him, he looks set to be remembered more for the disaster of his premiership than any successes he may have consoled himself with claiming.

Should more revelations come forward there is every possibility that the combined mess of the Panama Papers, and the looming Brexit vote, could unseat the man who asked us to ‘call him Dave’, well before the end of his planned stay in Number 10.

The Eton-educated British prime minister who was hounded out of office for financial irregularities, who oversaw Britain’s exit from the European Union against his will, and the likely collapse of the United Kingdom with the loss of Scotland, would certainly see our Dave secure his place in history.  


  1. Likely collapse of the United Kingdom… gosh even EWN are at it now! You forgot to mention the tsunami that the UK “might likely” be engulfed by on Brexit from the sudden unbalance on the Eurasion plate if all the British are sent back to UK and the Spanish, Romanians and French are forced out of the UK! @@ Another worrying thought to add to the list eh!

    Well I have generally always thought everyones tax returns are their and the tax mans business… but DC brought this on himself!

    A while back he lashed out at Jimmy Carr for legally avoiding to pay tax on some of his earnings calling it as “morally wrong”, well if it morally wrong for a comedian then it is morally wrong for the PM, what makes him think he is any different than others… the fact he has money and went to Eton and Oxford?

    Another thing that got to me was he tried to use being annoyed, as he “loved his dad” and the news media where talking about his tax avoidance, well I am sorry Dave but us mere morals being annoyed at the loss of the Dad’s we loved would not be accepted as any excuse for trying to deceive the tax man so it shouldn’t be even used by you on us.

    This didn’t need to be like this, David Cameron created this himself so hell slap it into him. I am sure those reading the one sided propaganda that cost taxpayers just under £10M 2 weeks after he tried to cut back on welfare might want to think about this mans integrity over the last few days before they believe what he is trying to convince them to do. 😉

  2. I really do doubt your understanding of things Alan!

    I have no issue of anyone avoiding paying tax as that is illegal, in fact I feel those who earn money deserve to save as much on tax as is possible. The situation is that DC ridiculed another person for doing something similar to what he has been doing and if you read what I wrote it is that which I have the problem with, he deceived the public… I did not say anywhere that he was deceiving the tax man! “remember that Specsavers shop!” I said he was trying to deceive us, the public!

    The only one ranting is you, thinking you are now an alias for someone else!

  3. Sorry, typo: I have no issue of anyone avoiding paying tax as that is illegal should be I have no issue of anyone avoiding paying tax as that is legal. 😉

  4. personally I think the sooner he goes the better.
    Anyone been back to the uk in the last few years will tell you x pats are .treated with contempt . try and get a lawyer to sort things out – no go they are scared of the
    gov. What about all the money cameron gave to the muslim charities?? Cameron said we would get what we were entitled to where ever we lived – promptly we lost wfa
    He lies through his teeth – the country has ‘gone to the dogs’ well I should say the muslims as they have 6 to 1 mosqques to our churches.
    They moan about where they are given to live – refuse it and are put in hotels. an expat will be put on the street. I hope he gets his just desserts – feel sorry for the wife she at least replied to my letter.
    ignored by ‘the BIG MAN’


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