Cala Millor’s action plan

CALA MILLOR: The Tourist Consortium wants to market Cala Millor as a model tourist destination in local as well as foreign markets.

THE Tourist Consortium of Son Servera and Sant Llorenç recently presented this year’s action plan for Cala Millor in the Sa Maniga Auditorium.

The plan is to build a fair sustainable quality offer for Cala Millor based on active collaboration between public and private agencies.  According to Sant Llorenç Councillor for Tourism Nicolau Bordal, the Consortium wants to “promote a new vision of the traditional model of public-private partnerships to facilitate the interaction between the different entities.”

The Consortium realises that it has more pull with the domestic market and is putting its main focus on capturing the interest of ‘weekend tourists’ (residents who live on the island) and secondly, on holidaymakers from the Spanish mainland while still continuing to market to foreign tourists.  

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The Consortium’s Advisory Council will work alongside businesses and government to improve the satisfaction and overall experience of tourists staying in Cala Millor. 

The President of the Hotel Association Gabriel Nebot stressed the importance of the two administrations and the tourist industry working together to make Cala Millor a model tourist destination as already evidenced by the administrations’ joint decision to modify an ordinance regulating the circulation of certain vehicles on walkways.


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