Arrested Brussels suspects planned further attacks

Arrest of Mohamed Abrini


INVESTIGATORS in Brussels have revealed that the suspects arrested in a series of raids on April 8 and 9 had planned further attacks in Belgium, and that Mohamed Abrini has admitted to being the ‘man in the hat’ who was a prime target of specialist anti-terrorism teams across Europe.

It has been revealed that, with a police net closing in around them, the suspects, who remained at large for several weeks after the terrorist atrocities, had initially planned to cross the border into France and launch a last-ditch attack there.


As police made crucial intelligence breakthroughs and captured the alleged ringleader of the cell, however, they had reportedly shifted their attention towards Brussels.

Mohamed Abrini, aged 31, was the last identified suspect to be arrested after three weeks of frenetic searching and the posting of his CCTV captured image across newspapers and online media.

“After being confronted with the results of the different expert examinations, he confessed his presence at the crime scene,” a statement from Belgian authorities read.

Another three men have been charged: Herve BM, a Rwandan national; Bilal EM, 27; and Osama Krayem, a Swede.  Prosecutors claim to have identified Krayem as the man present at the time of the metro attack.

All four men were charged with involvement  in “terrorist murders” and the “activities of a terrorist group”., while two other suspects arrested on Friday have since been released.



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