The search continues for the law breakers


The Hacienda (Tax Office), ever vigilant, continues to sweep its way through Axarquia in its endless search for refurbishments or property changes that have not been declared for tax purposes.

And although the watchful eye of the Hacienda may have previously honed in on larger cities, the noose is now being tightened as the entity begins to snoop its way through smaller towns and villages like Nerja in the hopes that people violating the law will be caught unaware. 

During the first two phases of the regularisation plan launched by the property registry, approximately 56,000 properties were caught avoiding paying all property taxes they were liable for.


The irregularities carrying the most weight are new buildings, which are considered a major example of fraud, although this is also much less common than more minor irregularities like extensions and refurbishments. 

Those found not to have correctly registered and declared their property could be in for considerable expense if caught by the tax-man’s eyes in the sky as once their details are updated it may affect their taxes at a local, regional and national level.

The average increase in IBI property tax owners are facing is reported to be €226 and they will also be liable for a €518 charge to cover unpaid amounts for the last four years.

Not all of the owners will pay the same, because the amount varies depending on the type of fraud. However, all those sniffed out by the Hacienda will have to pay a €60 fee that the property registry charges as a tax for the services carried out.

The property registry has stressed although these amounts are not fines, this does not mean other authorities will not take appropriate action over illegal building in the future. 


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