“Racist, colonialist, corrupt trash” Venezuela attacks Rajoy

Frederic Legrand - COMEO
Mariano Rajoy

THE Spanish Ambassador to Venzeuela has been recalled after the country’s president launched a vitriolic attack on the leadership of their ex-colonial overlords. 

With a clarity of thought uncommon in diplomatic circles, Nicolas Maduro loudly denounced interim Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy at a rally in Caracas protesting the Venezuelan parliament, which now opposes the executive following dramatic elections earlier this year. 

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“A racist I call you, Rajoy; a colonialist I call you Rajoy; corrupt trash I call you Rajoy; Venezuela needs to be respected,” bellowed Maduro in the kind of colourful langauge that marked the reign of his predecessor Hugo Chavez. 

It is unclear what sparked the tirade, relations between the two nations have seen frequent diplomatic clashes throughout the past decade, but it could well be Maduro scoring political points for passion by choosing an easy target. 

Now the Spanish Foreign Ministry has recalled Ambassador Antonio Perez Hernandez for the second time in one year. Maduro also accused Rajoy of fomenting terrorism in 2015, while there was no Spanish ambassadorial presence in the winter of 2014. 

Maduro’s government is thought to have links to insurgent Spanish political party Podemos and he voiced indirect support for them in his latest bellicosity, goading Rajoy by saying “Over in Spain they are scared because of the rise of an organization with a leadership of its own,”

Having lost heavily at the country’s latest elections, it is possible that Maduro is trying to recapture the inspirational passion of Hugo Chavez, a hugely polarising figure who, even in death, commands the love of millions of Venezuelans. A fiery speaker, he once complained that a United Nations podium stunk of sulphur after George Bush Jr stood on it. 


  1. I wish they would leave Rajoy alone – personally I respect him and don’t feel he deserves all the agro he
    is getting from everyone

  2. Well not that Maduro generally appears to be a likeable person considering his popularity has been falling continually in his country but I would say he does have a point and not too far off the mark on Rajoy. If I believe everything I read about the PP I would have to say Rajoy was corrupt, I do think he is racist! A colonialist… well he has been trying to interfere on the Gibraltar situation “after things where cooling down there” and Venzeuela’s politics although most country leaders like to involve themselves in politics of other countries when their own is a mess. Maybe if they just kept their noses out of things and try to sort their own issues out a bit better other politicians might not speak out on them.

    I celebrated when the PP won the elections and Rajoy was prime minister but that didn’t last long! I was hoping Rajoy would be a lot different than he has been, in fact he actually said he would be “I know, don’t listen to a politician before an election ;-)” and I guess the lies he told was why one of the main reasons the PP won “I guess”. Sadly I have watched Spain struggle more as it has gone further backwards in his time in power, the sooner he goes the better I now say… but what or who will replace him, and what will that bring with it?


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