Prescription battles

© flickr by Eliazar Parra Cardenas
CHEMIST TRIPS: Could get more expensive for pensioners.

THE central government has lodged an administrative appeal against the current regulations in Alicante Province which provide grants and discounts to pensioners and people with disabilities to help them meet their part of the costs of medicines which the government brought into effect in 2012.

The Generalitat regional government has this year reserved €41 million to provide low income pensioners and disabled people with help paying for the medications they need via two bylaws which have been in effect since January 1.

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These bylaws benefited 910,000 pensioners and their dependents with income of less than €18,000 per year, who no longer had to pay for drugs prescribed by the Public Health Service.

They also provided grants for an estimated 136,000 people with recognised disabilities of 65 per cent or more for adults or 33 per cent or more for minors, which when necessary extended to orthoprosthesis equipment.

This is the second Health Department measure which has been appealed against in Madrid, following the decree of universal Health which pledged to provide medical assistance to illegal immigrants and is still awaiting a High Court decision.


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