Brexit and Panama leave Cameron fighting for political life

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David Cameron

BOOKIES have revealed that David Cameron is now odds on favourite to lose his party leadership before Jeremy Corbyn for the first time as the British prime minister struggles to contain the fallout over the Panama Papers, while the Brexit vote looms ever closer.

The dense particulars of the Panama Papers are hardly worth combing over in mind-numbing detail unless you happen to be a historian in the future writing a paper on where it all went wrong.

It should surprise absolutely nobody that an Eton educated leader of the Conservative party is yet another face in an atomic jigsaw of wire transfers, 45 digit account numbers, pale accountants hustling around Caribbean airports, and the world’s most PR friendly dictatorships.


In the last ‘revelation’ of this kind Edward Snowden unleashed hell on earth among media outlets by releasing classified American intelligence that pointed to collection of private data on a vast, worldwide scale.

You would have to be as distracted from global affairs as a gerbil impaled on a toothpick, however, to actually register shock at the news. Saying that the American National Security Agency spies on its citizens is about as controversial as observing that Boris Johnson is (possibly) a reincarnated half-wit with a fossilised bird on his head.

Labour MPs, smelling blood, have now called upon the prime minister to resign, largely because they have to as part of the job description. Cameron himself has condescended to television interviews in a defiant attempt to mitigate the damage.

Whether the issue will die a natural death, after destroying a few easy, non-threatening targets such as the prime minister of Iceland, a country of 14 people and a deviant goat, remains to be seen.

The threat for Cameron lies in the potential of these things to occasionally snowball and take out a few unintended targets. The highlighting of another secretive nexus of nepotism, sweaty masonic handshakes, and armies of Bahamian penpushers, is likely to shift any remaining fence-sitters towards voting Brexit or abstaining altogether.

Cameron will continue whistling his facetiously defiant tone, denying personal wrongdoing while arguing with a mirror crafted statesmanship that ‘something must and will be done’.

It is Britain and its people who come out embarrassed, bloodied and ashamed from this mess. And it should show people that unfortunately it is not really the EU, or the immigrants, or welfare claimants, single mothers, or gypsies that are to blame for Britain’s woes.

It is people like the prime minister and his ilk, a ruling political and financial elite who use this country as a vessel for their egos, a laundry machine for their inherited ill-gotten wealth, and a cloak for their naked antipathy towards the people.


  1. He should have come clean at the first opportunity, instead he issued denials and finally had to publish his tax returns. He showed abysmal judgement by dodging the bullet. One bullet he cannot dodge is Brexit and this will come in June. Hopefully, his departure will be followed by the rest of the EU-loving clique.

  2. It is always a shame when the British are the first to condemn someone always the first to be negative instead of positive. I am sometimes ashamed to be British listening to all these snipers who always are the first to complain and do nothing constructive.
    If you were in Cameron´s shoes I bet ( although the word bet is probably going to generate more negativity!!) you would have done nothing different even if you were one of the elite or the Prime Minister(thank God you´re not)
    At least he paid his taxes and severed his investment . I wonder how many of you have avoided tax when you could!!

  3. Reading the negative comments makes me embarrassed to be British at times.
    It is always easier to be negative than positive and always seems to be more natural to the British.
    How many of you have tried to hide monies from the taxman – at least he paid his taxes and severed the investment. He should not be on trial for keeping his affairs private especially as he did nothing wrong – I wonder how many of you negative people would have done the same or even worse!!

  4. Well said Nigel!!! It angers me when I hear all the muck being thrown at Cameron. He did NOTHING wrong, although I admit, he could have handled it better. His investment was a pinprick compared to the billions that some people have hidden away.

    But all these people who are now baying for his blood make me sick – Who would they rather have in power, the clown Corbyn? That man will continue the utter destruction of the country started by the traitor Blair if he ever gets in.

    He most certainly would never have called for a vote on our continuation in Europe! For that we have to thank Cameron, and it is the one chance we have have of getting out from under the cloak of tyranny that is the EU.
    These people in Brussels will not be happy until they have taken power away from every country’s government and can rule the whole of Europe themselves.


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