Tragedy at the Mirador Walk in Javea

© Diego Delso Wikimedia
View of Granadella the starting point of the event.

A POPULAR British resident died during the Mirador Walk in Javea on April 3. Michael John Ballantyne was participating for the third time in this 29-kilometre walk around the 15 Miradores running  along the Javea Bay.

Eye witness reports say that Mr Ballantyne who leaves behind a wife, Glynis, collapsed as he was taking part and as there were no Red Cross or other official medical attendants available it took some 30 minutes for an ambulance to arrive.

This sad story highlights the fact that whilst exercise is generally good for everyone, it is important to ensure that you are healthy enough to take part in any event that may be strenuous and potentially dangerous.


A long-time member of the Costa Blanca Yacht Association, Mr Ballantyne’s death was recorded with much sorrow on their website and prior to the funeral, which took place on April 8, old friends and others wishing to remember him were invited to make donations to the charities supported by the challenge, MABS and EMAUS.



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