Susana Guerrero: a true story of horror


THE life of Susana Guerrero, a 28-year-old woman from Toledo, seems to be a true horror story. Having grown up in an orphanage due to problems in her own family, a couple soon showed interest in adopting her at the age of 13. She began to spend time with them, even though they did not adopt her in the end.

The true horror began when the man who was meant to adopt her started to sexually abuse her. This was confirmed by police who opened an investigation based on the fact that Susana had been a victim of sexual abuse. Her abuser was sent to jail but did not serve the whole sentence because Susana, who had been psychologically pressured, declared ultimately that he was not guilty of any offence. 

Upon his release, he continued to abuse her and at the age of 17, she became pregnant by him. Her abuser, aged 34 by that time, decided to leave his wife in order to move in with Susana. At this point her situation only became worse as he also allegedly started to physically mistreat her. Susana gave birth, and when her daughter, Nayara, turned two, she decided to report his abuse to the police. He was sent to prison for maltreatment although the sentence was lowered because he admitted to being guilty.


In 2012, when Nayara turned six, Susana decided to move with her daughter to the Canary Islands in order to start a new life. However, the father decided to claim custody of the little girl, arguing that the mother was a volatile person with insufficient resources to maintain childcare. 

Two years later, in 2014, Susana again reported the man for sexual abuse, but this time against her eight-year-old daughter. Apparently, the little girl said that her father had been abusing her during her visits.

Almost unbelievably, as in true stories of horror, the court found Nayara’s father innocent, as the legal authorities considered that the girl was manipulated by her mother. Furthermore, last year the man was awarded full custody of the girl, as the court decided that Susana was not complying with the approved contact regime.

Susana consequently appealed for the custody to be voided and last Wednesday April 6, the court announced that they will postpone their decision as to whether or not to award full custody of Nayara to the father.  According to reports, Susana remains hopeful during this time and trusts the Spanish state to ensure her daughter’s protection.



  1. Thank you for spreading the story. I personally know Susana and she is a great mum who would do anything to take well care of her little girl. Her case is one of hundreds and hundreds in Spain. Mothers and their children who find no protecion from the courts whatsoever, what’s more, judges force us mothers to send our children with the abusers (their “dad’), many times awarding them full custody. As the writer said: true stories of horror!


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