Panama papers show Brexit is pointless

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IN the not so distant past it was very easy to identify the apex criminals at the top of the food chain because they were the people who collected your taxes, or rather the people who sent the cloaked minions who collected your taxes. 

Government were the biggest crooks of the bunch because, unlike those shipped off to Australia to terrorise the locals, they had actually gotten away with their crimes. 

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The warring tribes of Britain, Spain, and even France, which consolidated themselves into Kafkaesque bureaucratic nightmares in the industrial era, were the direct descendents of thieving inbred dynasties which had plundered their way to power throughout the middle ages, and life was much simpler. 

Today the tentacles of power have become more fluid and cosmopolitan, while British politicians seem to have finally succumbed to their inbred origins. Just like the commoners, they are now mere pawns in a hilarious geopolitical carry on, forced to pretend that we are somehow in charge of our own destiny because primary schools will be shut for a day on June 23. 

Let’s have a look at the key players, a gaggle of emotionally crippled braggarts who make Jimmy Saville look like Princess Diana before the accident. 

David Cameron has almost perfected the art of looking like a statesman but, given that his referendum pledge has already backfired into a playground squabble over the future of his party, can be said to have all the tactical nous of a deranged antelope fleeing a CIA experiment. 

His floppy haired gurning nemesis Boris Johnson goes about his business with the elegant grace of a punched seagull, while fellow traveller Michael Gove possesses all the gravitas of a bespectacled transgender penguin. 

This joke of a referendum campaign was spawned by a government so weak that it was willing to bow to the whim of a collective which looks to sensationalist tabloid rags for inspiration in the tragic delusion that the media has their back. 

It has been orchestrated by a group of soft-bellied gunrunners, who couldn’t give a damn about the outcome, as a means of quieting the masses while they conduct their real affairs in Panama and the Virgin Islands. 

Engaging with these people on any level of seriousness, other than a humane bullet to the back of the head, is a self-inflicted act of spiritual vandalism that is entirely pointless. 

The Panama Papers simply confirm that Britain is a slightly soggy money laundering machine in the eyes of world finance and voting yes or no to Brexit won’t make the slightest bit of difference to that stark truth. 


  1. I agree no matter wether we are “IN or OUT” the above is true and will probably never change but thats not a reason to remain in the EU, there is a lot more reason on a Brexit than people being able to hide their money or not! 😉
    In all honesty the reason for this article as written puzzles me a little as does the significance for its title!

    The actual EU entity hasn’t been able to balance its books for over 17 years, Brussels have not got any idea of who or where any of the payments that where made to Greece on it’s bailouts where spent “EC said this”…. I can bet your bottom dollar that a lot of most of the payments made to different countries over the years have ended up in Panama, yes more money paid in our taxes scammed off and hidden away 😉
    The EC just published that they estimate 120 Billion “a year” is scammed in corruption within EU countries.

    lol, I just typed corruption into Google and what was the first link? Corruption in the EU – Latest commentary and analysis‎
    😉 😉

    Anyway, if you type “120 billion a year in eu corruption” into Google then the EU document on this 120 billion corruption above is referenced is on 2nd, 3rd, and 4th links returned for those interested.

    The EU Home Affairs Commissioner Cecilia Malmstroem who presented the report stated: “The political commitment to really root out corruption seems to be missing,” she complained… as if we didn’t know that already lol

  2. WOW !!! Tell it like it is Mr. Elliot.
    Such verbal dexterity. I am very impressed.
    I have only ever heard the like from Daniel Hannan.
    I hope I don’t insult you with that comparison. It was meant as a complement
    Yours Sincerely
    Roy Leon

  3. Everyone should read my latest book “The World at a Crossroads which deals with the corruption, immorality and inequality in the world


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