Brexit campaigners outraged by Cameron’s £9.3 million leaflets

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Prime Minister David Cameron.

DAVID CAMERON’S latest ploy to keep Britain in the EU ahead of the upcoming June referendum has left Brexit campaigners enraged at the proposed Conservative expense of £9.3 million (€11.5 million). 

The astonishing sum according to David Cameron will cover a campaign of leaflets advocating the ‘in-vote’ and are to be distributed to every UK household. 

Despite the PM having permitted his ministers to be able to campaign for either side before June 23, the government’s official position, to stay-in, is outlined in these 14-page leaflets.


The mailshots entitled ‘Why the Government Believes That Voting to Remain in the EU is the Best Decision for the UK’, are set to be distributed within England in the week commencing April 11. The rest of the UK will then follow after devolved elections on May 5.

With a printing and delivery expense of £9.3 million (€11.5 million) a row has ensued in Cabinet according to the Daily Telegraph. The BBC states that ‘Out’ campaigners have reacted with “fury.”

Boris Johnson, mayor of London and a prominent face of the Brexit campaign, said that the leaflets are both “crazy” and a “complete waste of money.” The mayor also stated that these tactics used to “stampede” people into in-voting will not work.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage went a step further saying that the leaflets are “full of lies” and that having them sent out was a “scam.” This has subsequently strengthened his personal belief that the referendum will be a “battle of the people against the political elite.”

Official In and Out groups are by regulation only allowed to start their campaign spending as of next week with a permitted total sum of £7 million (€8.65 million), from which government money will amount to £600,000 (€740,000). 

Katie Ghose of the Electoral Reform Society told the BBC that this heavy spending might make people feel that the government is “playing fast and loose.” 

Number 10 firmly defends itself stating that this is the government response to a public desire for as much information as possible before June 23. 

Liz Truss, the Environmental Secretary said: “This referendum will be a huge decision for our country, perhaps the biggest we will make in our lifetimes and it’s crucial that the public have clear and accessible information.”


  1. Our UK media, which has poured 100 of millions into publishing anti EU propaganda now complain about someone presenting a different picture. What hypocrites. They should be called the ministry of vested interest and misinformation.

  2. I really despair at this man, not only because I am in favour of Brexit now he has just spent around £10M of tax payers money “on top of what he is going to be allowed to spend from next week” on some documents that from what I can see on the TV only promote what he wants… 2 weeks ago his government was going to cut welfare!

    Now I feel a government should be printing documents outlining clearly the pros and cons of many of the questions that the pubic are asking and not confuse the public more with unclear propaganda that only scares and reflects one direction, this man is an ass and that is where he is going to get bitten!

    Anyway on the bright side it seems he might be only doing the remain camp harm as some apparently are getting fed up with him on this and some other things that are cropping up, lol 😉 😉 It would be interesting to know how the millions spent break down, costs for printing and distribution etc. to see who is on the take where, £10M!

    I seen on social media today that the EC have had books printed and have been distributing to UK schools for free, these are similar to the sort of communist propaganda in schools expected from Korea or China, I think if we remain in the EU people who vote to remain will have a lot to answer for in several years! Search “eu propaganda in schools” for links, I know people will say its Express or Mail **** but its not exactly something the government or EC are not going to tell you about!


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