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Mayor Lazaro Azorin: Recently spoke with the Euro Weekly News.

EURO WEEKLY NEWS recently had the opportunity to contact both the mayor of Pinoso, Lazaro Azorin, and the Chief of the Local Police, Quintin Mohedano, to hear their versions of the events.

Mayor Azorin was not in Pinoso last week when the events took place. 

He was, however, adamant in his assertion the Local Police of Pinoso work hard to protect the rights of all citizens of Pinoso, regardless of their race or nationality.


He stated that he believes the work of Peter and other animal charities is admirable and important, and supports it wholeheartedly, but that he does not condone illegal behaviour.

In regards to the situation of Peter and the donkey, he stated that “even if the intention was good, the action was incorrect.”

Meanwhile, Police Chief Mohedano pointed out that Peter and his wife failed at any point to report the situation to the Local Police or any animal protection service. He emphasised that the actions of Peter and his wife were illegal, just like the theft of any other personal property.

He vehemently denied the fact the police had treated Peter in a racist manner, and noted that Peter “spoke very little Spanish” and may have misconstrued the situation. 

He also disagreed with Peter’s assertion that the donkey had been abused. He acknowledged that the animal had problems with its hoof and eye, but said that these issues were attributable to age. 

He further went on to underline that the decision to pay €2,000 to the owner of the donkey was a decision reached between the two men, and that the responsibility of the police in such situations is simply to report illegal situations to the appropriate legal authorities. 

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  1. Of course they will deny the racisicm. However, I have also experienced racisim against the British over here . Peter soes speak enough Spainsh to understand what they were saying to him. Very conveneient to say he didn’t understand. One question! If the donkey is so old and that accounts for the conditon. How come it is pregnant? Peter and his wife had to also pay for the unborn donkey. That tells me they are covering their backsides. The donkey aso had a bridle embedded into it’s head. So if they are against abuse why is the man free and 2000 in his pocket! He should be paying a fine for animal abuse shouldnt he? And they could easily contact the vet and get confirmation of this. But let’s face it they really don’t care! Well it is their loss becasue Peter and his wife and all the foreign donators to the charity will be no more in Pinoso and they and Spain have lost something very specia and al the thousands put into their economy as a result. He may ahve broken he law taking the donkey. But that law is a farce. That is why most people do not bother to report because nothing is ever done. And everyone knows that if they report animas abandoned or otherwise, their answer is to take them to kill shelters. So called Protectors and murder them. That’s their answer to get rid of the problem! Out of site! Least their streets look clean!

  2. The Mayor if this wasn’t serious I would think your a joke. You say the donkey is old but it’s Pregnant!!! What hope have abused animals got when the abuser gets paid. It’s insane reading this from Australia SHAME on you and your country, you should be thanking and helping the kind man Peter for having a heart and showing kindness which u so lack!!!!! Report with kindness not judgement to the only person who actually cares!!!!

  3. Shame on you reporting and supporting the abuser and shame on the Mayor old? It was pregnant!! Paying an animal abuser is wrong give the money to the rescuer ie Peter someone who cares who has a heart and compassion. The way animals are treated says a lot about the person. I know u won’t print this.


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