Operation Coastwatch seizes drugs

Smugglers boats.

THE Guardia Civil has seized 2.7 tonnes of hashish during a sea operation on April 7. 

Operation Coastwatch is set off the coast of Gibraltar, and focuses on the arrival of vessels possibly involved in drug trafficking.  

Guardia Civil officers from the Integrated External Surveillance System (SIVE) detected a boat near the Spanish coast from Moroccan waters. 

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A boat from the Algeciras Maritime Service made several manoeuvres in order to intercept drug traffickers spotted in an inflatable boat, a high-speed chase on the water ensued and the boats collided.  

After the collision, drug traffickers managed to land at the beach Borondo – Guadalquitón of the town of San Roque , where one of the drug traffickers was arrested by the crew’s own Maritime Service of the Civil Guard began a pursuit by land.

During the operation, the Civil Guard seized 85 hashish packages with a total weight of 2,722 kilograms. 

Multiple crews participated in the operation to track down the smugglers including Algeciras, Sive and Company of La Línea de la Concepción. The Guardia Civil are currently investigating the whereabouts of the remaining fugitives. 


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