Malaga bishop and Marbella Imam together against terrorism

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Marbella Mosque.

RELIGIOUS leaders from the Catholic Church and Islamic faith have met to send a positive message out regarding peace in the fight against terrorism. In their joint message they not only echoed each other but presented the harmonious relationship between Catholicism and Islam religions in Malaga.

Malaga Bishop Jesus Catala and Marbella Imam Allal Ahmed Bachar met on April 6 in a Marbella mosque.

During the meeting plans were drawn up in order to maintain the peace culture and to help get over any prejudices that may still exist in the area. 

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The Bishop outlined that mercy is a key common element between both cultures as according to him: “For Catholics God is merciful whereas Allah is merciful for the Muslims.”

The Imam said he wished Malaga to be an example for other provinces. He said: “The men need to understand that it’s time to gather, remove prejudice and walk together.”   


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