Nein nein red balloons

© HM Government of Gibraltar
National Day 2015.

WHO would have thought that a little piece of rubber could cause so much discord within a community (and not the Catholic one), but after more than 20 years the release of red and white balloons on National Day is coming to an end.

The arguments concerning the potential damage being done to the environment both above and below the water have persuaded the Self Determination for Gibraltar Group, which organises the National Day celebrations, to ban the release of the coloured balloons at the end of the National Day Political Rally. 

Whilst the SDGG recognises that this decision is not going to please everyone, it does believe it important to be seen to be socially and environmentally responsible. There is also the unspoken suggestion that by banning the release of the balloons, this will give opponents across the border one less matter to complain about.


Members of the public are asked to let the SDGG have their views on what might be a suitable and appropriate alternative by leaving a message on its Facebook page, or by contacting them direct.

Hopefully, there will not be a clandestine smuggling of red and white environmentally unfriendly balloons across the border during the forthcoming months, as dissident Gibraltarians prepare to release their own barrage on September 10.


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