Improvements at Fuengirola train station

© Tyk Wikimedia
Fuengirola Station – refurbishment works to take place.

FROM April 1, Renfe, the Spanish train company, started work aimed to improve the accessibility of Fuengirola train station. Specifically, the project consists of the installation of a new pavement in order to make it easier for travellers with reduced mobility to access the platforms.

Moreover, the current illumination system will be replaced with an LED-technology one. The total investment for this work, which will continue until the beginning of the summer, will be €198,000.

Fuengirola station has one of the highest numbers of passengers in the area as it registers approximately 2.4 million travellers each year. There are 52 trains travelling in each direction, to and from Malaga, with an average frequency of 20 minutes.

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  1. When this stretch of railway line, compared to so many others in Spain, has a very high passenger count, why is it not considered a priority to extend the line further Westwards towards Estepona as has been mooted for over 30 years?


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