Joys Live celebrates three years

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Third Anniversary Celebrations.

PROBABLY the glitziest bar and night club in Puerto Banus, Joys Live celebrated three years in its new format on April 3 with a spectacular evening of fun, drinks and entertainment where the crème of the regular Joys Live performers showed guests exactly why they should be rightly considered some of the best acts in the Costa del Sol.

There are plenty of singalikes and lookalikes who are frankly second-rate, but every performer who appeared on Sunday night showed a combination of the highest quality together with the ability to take a well-known song or piece of music and make it sound like their own.

To some extent it’s invidious to pick anyone in particular but a line-up that included the likes of ‘Piano Man’ Paul Maxwel, cool and attractive ‘Violin Queen’ Annya and Eli, who with your eyes closed made the listener think that Amy Winehouse had returned to the world has to be applauded.


Add all of them and the other talented performers to stilt walkers, fire jugglers and unicyclists to the mix and it was a really exciting night in the very attractively decorated bar and nightclub.

There were a few ‘under cover’ celebrity visitors and a packed room of tourists and regulars, who flitted likes moths to a flame to help celebrate this milestone in the history of what was always a Banus landmark and is now even more so.

Traffic was stopped in the street and even the ‘looky looky’ men had to stop and admire all that was going on both inside and out of Joys Live, and they didn’t even try to sell anyone anything.

This was a special night but there is always something special at Joys Live from the entertainment, which is nightly and even offers the fantastic voice of Mica Paris on May 25, to the brand new cocktail recipes and the general feeling of good humour that emanates from the staff and guests.

There is no question that Puerto Banus is a great place to see and be seen, and that the front line hosts most of the best eateries and drinkeries but for sheer enjoyment that starts early and goes on until very late, Joys Live is the place to visit.


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