71-year-old man arrested for sexually abusing four minors

ACCUSED: 71-year-old Spanish man facing charges.

NATIONAL POLICE officers arrested a 71-year-old man in Alicante, accused of child sexual abuse, offences relating to prostitution of minors, the production and dissemination of child pornography and for sexually abusing four minors. 

The man arrested is of Spanish origin and enticed his victims in playgrounds by giving them small gifts to gain their trust. This man had previously served 19 years in prison for similar offences. 

After appropriate enquiries, the officers were able to identify the man and discovered that he had a criminal record for crimes of sexual abuse, prostitution of minors and the production and dissemination of child pornography.

Officers identified one of his potential victims as being less than 15 years of age and who admitted having sex with the 71-year-old. The man persuaded her to maintain the relationship by giving her small gifts. They met for the first time in his home after he gave her a mobile phone and he persuaded her to come to his house so that he could show her how to use it. 

With this information, the officers proceeded to arrest the man and on searching his home they discovered details of three other victims aged between nine and 14 years. 

The police contacted them and they confirmed they had all  been being abused for months. They also discovered he kept photographs of naked children which he shared on the internet and so he is also facing charges of distributing child pornography. 

Research on the man was carried out by officers from the Tech Crime Group of the Provincial Brigade of the Judicial Police of Alicante.


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