Brexit advice and a drink

Tamisa Golf Hotel, Fuengirola.

CONSERVATIVES ABROAD, Costa del Sol group understand that there is some confusion amongst potential voters in the area as to what is fact and what is fiction as far as the Brexit referendum is concerned, and are holding an open meeting with speakers from both sides at Tamisa Golf Hotel, Fuengirola on Wednesday April 13 at 1pm, with free admission whilst drinks and tapas will be provided to attendees.

They say in a press release that there is no doubt that the United Kingdom is approaching one of the biggest decisions to be faced in a lifetime. In the 1975 referendum over 67 per cent voted to remain in the EU (Common Market) and under 33 per cent against on a 65 per cent turnout. 

The Conservative Party is split with a number of high profile members in the Brexit camp. In fairness David Cameron has allowed members to vote according to their conscience. Ironically, in the 1975 referendum it was Labour that was hopelessly split by two to one against. This time it is the turn of the Tories to be split.


Many expats now living in Spain are concerned as to how and whether a Brexit vote will affect their life and benefits here. Respecting both sides of the argument, Conservatives Abroad have arranged the open meeting with speakers on both sides and there will also be an opportunity to ask questions. 

If a property is no longer owned in the UK and providing one has not lived abroad for more than 15 years, details can be obtained from the last constituency where there was entitlement to vote. It is not too late to register to vote in the referendum, details available on but do ensure that you register as an overseas voter, not a UK based voter as at least one of our readers did by mistake.

For enquiries regarding the event and to book a space, please contact Judith on 628 193 260 or John on 639 197 165.


  1. It is a very naive person who thinks it is as simple as voting NO to have no more worries than they have today, god help the millions of British who have to suffer the consequences if this is the response from the average voter!

  2. I remember a few years ago meeting a lady who was a member of coservatives abroad, if my memory serves me correct, was it Dot or Dorothy ?, wonder if she is still on the go, a lovely Lady


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