Tragedy on Catalonia’s roads

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SEVEN people lost their lives in northeastern Spain when two cars collided on Saturday April 2. Officials have confirmed that of those who died, five were young Frenchmen and the two others were also both foreign. The incident happened on a highway near Figueres in the region of Catalonia.

The Frenchmen, all aged between 19 and 22, were driving a Volkswagen Golf and travelling at high speeds when they crashed into the other car. The second car was driven by a Spaniard, who is recovering in hospital, and also contained a Colombian and a Moroccan, who were both killed. They were on their way to work in the French Pyrenees according to Jordi Jane, director of the Catalan Department of the Interior, who confirmed details at a press conference shown on local television.

The roads of Catalonia in recent months have proven deadly. The latest road fatalities follow the tragic bus crash in Catalonia on March 20 where 13 foreign-exchange students were killed when the driver of their bus crashed into an oncoming car.

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