Russian plans for Villajoyosa

FIRST CONTACT: Councillo Jaime Ramis and Fr Adam Kondraciuk.

THE Marina Baja’s Russian community plans to build a church and is looking at Villajoyosa as a possible location.

The town’s Urban Development councillor Jaime Ramis and the Russian Orthodox priest Fr Adam Kondraciuk met recently to discuss the project and inspect potential sites.

Fr Kondraciuk, who was accompanied by other Orthodox representatives, explained that the church building would incorporate an important international cultural centre intended to be at the heart of social and cultural activities in the area.

“We have seen other locations in the area but feel that Villajoyosa answers our precise requirements for the church and cultural centre,” Fr Kondraciuk said. “It has good communications, first-class services, ideal access and all the elements that are necessary for carrying out this project.”

Jaime Ramis expressed satisfaction that the church was considering Villajoyosa for such an important undertaking. 

“This meeting was the first contact and once we know which sites they have in mind we can go into the viability of the project.”

The town hall had made clear its interest in the project from the outset, Ramis added.  “This initiative would revitalise area the chosen area and would be also be important for tourism.”


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