No nudes is bad news

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Hugh Hefner: Founder of Playboy.

IT appears that following the decision announced by the Playboy group to stop publishing images of nude women in their magazine that sales have shrunk and in consequence, advertising revenue has also reduced.

Hugh Hefner, who will soon be 90, has already put the Playboy mansion up for sale at a reported $200 million (€179 million), which includes a life-long lease for the multi-millionaire and it is now widely touted that the entire empire is now also up for sale with an asking price in the region of $500 million (€447 million).

Founded in 1953, with the coup of featuring Marilyn Monroe as the first ‘Playmate of the Month’, the Playboy product has often been seen as a little ‘tacky’ but not outright pornography, and both the group and its founder have become American icons.



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