The Costa Blanca South represents the future of the Spanish property market

COSTA BLANCA SOUTH: Fuelled by innovation and growth, and a marked optimism in the future.

THE property scene on the southern Costa Blanca is swiftly taking on a life of its own, cementing a powerful and distinct identity from the rest of the country, one that is fuelled by innovation and growth, and a marked optimism in the future. 

In many ways the only surprising issue here is that it has taken so long for the region, which includes such ripe prospects as Orihuela Costa and Torrevieja, to realise its full potential. Property developers across the Costa Blanca have long identified their home as long overdue for expansion, and now it seems international investors have finally cottoned on. 

As a simple example, the gargantuan real estate developer TM Grupo has recently announced a €100 million investment in Orihuela Costa that will see hundreds of homes built in a proposed new ‘Golden Mile’, that will rival the famous area of Marbella, synonymous with wealth and luxury.


This is the kind of vision that many local and international investors have for the Costa Blanca South and one that is set to be realised within just the next few years. 

Savvy property investors, from individuals or families simply looking for a new or second home in the sun, to global players with a significant portfolio, realise that with greater investment comes greater opportunities. 

This is why now is the perfect time to invest in the region. It is a rare confluence of events which sees both short term opportunity, and long term stability on the cards for a small area brimming with possibility. 

The enormous international contingent which has pioneered communities in Torrevieja, Orihuela Costa and Murcia is another key factor in the region’s highly developed property success. 

A strong international community, composed of even stronger expatriate societies of Brits, Germans and Scandinavians, means that property experts in the area have an unrivalled wealth of experience to draw upon. Those featured throughout this newspaper have also cultivated a well-deserved reputation for trust having emerged from a recent trial by fire with the interests of their community at heart. 

With sublime natural resources and a global reputation for golf and tourism which only grows larger by the day, the Costa Blanca South represents the future of the Spanish property market. 

Not in the sense that the rest of the country can possibly imitate or compare, but more importantly that it has developed a template other would be wise to follow. 



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