Campaign for emergency centre breaks new ground

Life, above all else.

FOR more than five years, Orihuela Costa residents and local politicians have been fighting the city council in Orihuela for the area to have its own emergency centre. 

Throughout this time the CLARO political party and pressure group have campaigned tirelessly for such a facility and championed the safety of the community. 

Yet although a location was set aside and promises made, the proposed facility remains nothing more than a shell, much to the disgust of many local residents. 


The latest politician to become involved is none other than Orihuela’s Councillor for Health, Noelia Grao. Accompanied by Councillor Luisa Boné, she held talks with the director of the Emergency Health service for the Orihuela Costa, Pere Herrera. 

At present there is a 12-hour SAMU emergency service in place, however, Grao is adamant that a 24-hour service is required to adequately protect the growing coastal population. She also noted the hundreds of thousands of tourists who flock to the region who pile pressure upon already strained health services.

Grao said that she had met with local residents and emergency service representatives and that one ambulance was not enough for the region. In other words a full time service is desperately needed. 

Although Herrera was reportedly sympathetic to the cause, with Grao stating that she expects a positive response in early April, there is one important hurdle waiting in the wings. 

The regional government has already announced that there will be budget cuts approaching €200,000 this year, which could throw a substantial spanner in the works. Grao and her colleagues are now hoping that they receive the solution Orihuela deserves before the cuts go ahead. 



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