A centenary for BMW

BMW: Celebrating an impressive anniversary.

WITH more than a full century elapsing since the founding of luxury vehicles, engines and motorbikes manufacturer BMW in Munich, a dedicated exhibition will open in the German city showcasing a fascinating spread of 100 years of motoring evolution. 

From April 6 to 10 the Techno Classica 2016 will feature a BMW stand devoted to telling the awe-inspiring story of motoring milestones through a selection of historic vehicles, to celebrate the company’s impressive anniversary.

The excellent choice of vehicles will include the 1930s BMW 326 convertible. A BMW 502 ‘Barockengell’ from the late 1940s, a BMW M1, and onwards into the 21st century with the fanstastic BMW i8 sports car. 


The very first product to be emblazoned with the BMW logo will hover over the exhibit as lucky spectators get the chance to see an original Kelmm L25 light aircraft, built in 1927 and the oldest licensed aircraft in the country. 

There will also be a heavy focus on the BMW 02 series which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, while a fitting tribute will be paid to other brands MINI, Rolls-Royce and BMW Motorrad.

The 02 series is widely regarded as representing the pinnacle of vehicle manufacturing for the firm and making its hugely successful foray into customer car design. It immediately became the ‘epitome of the ultimate driving machine’, and was lauded for its agile handling and pioneering engine and chassis technology. 

The Rolls-Royce brand will be represented with attendees offered a once in a lifetime opportunity to see a Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost from 1923, and a Rolls-Royce Ghost from the modern production facility in Goodwood. 

There will also be motorbikes from the golden age and a host of other flagship car models that have captured the attention of avid motorists throughout the eras. 



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