Fire, fire burning bright

© Triff / Shutterstock
Meteorite put on amazing show.

AN INTENSE burning fireball shining ten times brighter that the moon was captured flying across the Spanish sky. 

La Hita Observatory in Toledo recorded the meteorite at 4.26am on Thursday March 31 and was recorded on video. 

The observatory described the display as “especially spectacular”. It could be seen hitting the Earth’s atmosphere from Madrid, Castilla-La Mancha, Valencia, Murcia and Andalucia.


José María Mateido, an astrophysist who works in Spain’sobservatories described the fireball as “amazing”.

The university professor from Huelva explained that the meteorite –a rock originally from a comet –  likely had a mass of around 30kg gave out the extraordinarily bright light when it hit Earth’s atmosphere at around 90,000km per hour.

“This amazing fireball turned the night into day for a fraction of a second.”



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