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DONALD TRUMP: Readers were invited to describe him in one word.

MY observation is proven to be utterly correct

A few months ago, on my Facebook page someone posted a photo of Donald Trump. The caption underneath invited the reader to describe the man in one word. Most of the words that followed were just about unprintable, even in this column! 

My personal contribution was, ‘underrated.’ I am delighted that today, my observation is proven to be utterly correct. Why? Simply because we are on the brink of all-out war! 


I have no idea how this man would handle the American economy, civil rights, or indeed most any other American malady. In fact he may be a disaster, but in a war, he’s the man I want on my side. Churchill was a useless peacetime prime minister, but as a combat leader he was ruthless, stubborn, and arrogantly dedicated to victory at almost any cost.

 If we are to beat the animals of the Middle East, this is the type of individual we need to do the job. When Trump was asked in an interview what he would do about Daesh? He said he would hit them so hard they wouldn’t believe it. Well I believe he would.

I’m also convinced that he would also curb the bluffs and liberties undertaken by Putin and the ilk of places like North Korea, purely because he could just be unpredictable enough to press the button. If all this sounds like another Leapy rant then so be it. To me it’s common sense. The time for pussyfooting and ‘diplomatic moves’ are history. 

We now need all the action we can get. Obama’s, extremely questionable, term is nearly over. America will soon have a choice between a proven lightweight hypocritical liar and a tough, no nonsense hardnosed nutter, who doesn’t recognise the word failure. Well I know who I would choose. 

I am also convinced that the American people are finally realising that unless they elect a truly patriotic president, with the balls to really go for it, freedom, democracy and culture as they know it, will soon be a dim memory. Vote for Trump. You know it makes sense.


Keep the faith.
Love Leapy



  1. It looks like Leapy really has lost the plot this time.
    Trump is a dangerous megalomaniac on a power trip.
    He will come down hard on ISIS but he does not say how?.
    Does this mean ordinary American families will once again wait for the body bags to return while he ise safely tucked away in the white House helping his
    trophy wife choose new curtains

    In some parts of the UK a trump is a blast of smelly hot air At least the name fits.

  2. There is little to choose from between the two main candidates for the presidency.
    I do not trust Hilary Clinton as far as I could throw her, and one has to admit that Trump has some very weird and dangerous ideas.
    He is coming out with more and more radical ideas like the abortion thing, and that is doing him a lot of harm.
    God help the American people if either of these two get in!

  3. God help the whole world anyway wth r these two
    The yanks
    Really can plckem
    Cowboy Regan sex mad Clinton Villge idiot bush and now a nut house escapee and the sex maniacs wife are after the job.

  4. [quote]God help the whole world anyway wth r these two
    The yanks
    Really can plckem
    Cowboy Regan sex mad Clinton Villge idiot bush and now a nut house escapee and the sex maniacs wife are after the job.[/quote]
    People in glass houses should not throw stones.
    1. A P.M. who is an old Etonion twot who likes to do weird stuff with a pig’s head.
    2. George Osborne, another old Etonion twot who like to stick stuff up his nose.
    3. Ian Duncan Smith? Need one say more?
    4. Let’s not get started on Boris Johnson, yet another Old Etonion twot.
    I would say that Jeremy Corbyn is looking like a really good idea.

  5. Mr. Peters. What newspapers do you follow? Are you not yet aware of the third candidate, Bernie Sanders. Of course the MSM won’t discuss him. Is that true also where you are? He may well eclipse Clinton after California and New York. Millions of people are rooting for him. If you are looking for sanity in this world, so should you. And you should re adjust your thinking about Jeremy Corbyn. He is the only hope you have in the UK.

  6. Don,t worry Jonathan I don,t have a lot of time for our lot either.

    We have our own village idiot in bore us Johnson. The man who encouraged people to ride bicycles through Londons horrendous traffic and exhaust fumes. That in my opinion is probably more of a risk than swimming with sharks.
    Let,s face I. When a millionaire Prime Minister who preaches austerity and makes a statement that we are all in it together then what hope is there?
    The same millionaire wants to clamp down on tax
    avoidance, Every one knows where the money he inherited came from?
    This is the government that gave us food banks.
    What next? Re open the poor houses.

    Then on the other side we have a left wing nut case who threatens to remove our nuclear deterrent but has yet to offer an alternative. Lord knows where this guy will take us if he ever got the chance.
    Then we have the EU. Yet another mess dominated by the losers of ww 2. This is little more than a gravy train for failed politicians and wannabe polititions

    I reckon more than 50% of the people living in the Uk don,t have a clue who their Euro MP is.

  7. Corbyn? You must surely be joking Jonathan! That man is an idiot who would drag the country even further into the mire if he was elected. His radical ideas would mean he would continue the damage that the last Labour government did to the country.
    As for Sanders, I don’t think he will win over Clinton when it comes to the final count.

  8. Roy
    This government is doing damage just like the last lot. The only difference is that this one panders to the better off in our society.
    I am not a Blair fan but nor am I a Cameron fan. They are as bad as each other.
    never the less Blair did not create the level of poverty that requires even people in work to use food banks.
    Cameron,s mob calls the new wage a National Living Wage. If so why did the independent committee set up to establish what it should be recommended nine pounds not seven.
    Just lies from just another.bunch of self interest politicians.
    When the EU wanted to place a levy on Chinese steel Cameron blocked it so Bye Bye Redcar, Bye Bye Port Talbot.

    But what really makes me angry is the fact that young men in the UK are living the rest of their lives i minus a variety of limbs for which they were awarded a piece of tin on a ribbon and clowns who riide around on bicycles in silly shiny suits get gold medals and knighthoods.

  9. Ian, there is a lot of truth in what you say, but Cameron has a hard job to get the country back on its feet after the damage the previous Labour governments did.
    I am not saying he is doing a very good job, and I agree that he is pampering to the rich rather than looking after the poor. But if it came to a choice between a Labour government under Corbyn or a continuation of the Conservatives I would definitely prefer the latter.
    We have not had a good government for many years and it will take new thinking to get the country back on its feet.
    When Blair let in so many immigrants he sounded the death knell for our country and for that I will never forgive him.
    You should know by now that all politicians will promise the earth until they are elected, and once they are, they forget all their promises.


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