Parents and pupils step up for charity


CHARITY and goodwill for one’s neighbours are at the very heart and soul of all communities and the Costa del Sol is no different, as so heart-warmingly demonstrated by students and parents at the Benalmadena International College. 

Two mothers, Loli and Sandra, were acutely aware that, in the cold winter nights, homeless people must be suffering terribly. Together they bravely walked around the streets looking for any homeless people they could help, and, perhaps most importantly, listening to them. 

From their experience was born the vibrant community group Red Solidaridad Benalmadena Costa del Sol which has a wonderful Facebook page with constant heart-warming updates and more than 700 likes.  


When they heard of the plight of families with young children in their community who were suffering silently under the bleak weight of poverty, they worked with fellow parent Malika and decided that something extraordinary needed to be done. 

They told students at the prestigious college, which teaches a broad range of international students, of the families’ troubles and were immediately inundated with offers of help. Malika told the Euro Weekly News that within only one day students had grouped together, made a pact to help and then returned home to collect whatever gifts they could muster. 

The very next day the school was littered with boxes of non-perishable foods and essential items as the youngsters prepared to heave it all into cars their parents could drive to the families in need. 

With the headmaster looking proudly on, one student explained that, although it was his very first day at his new school, he felt compelled to help.  

Later the mothers drove to different parts of the community from the Nueva Torrequebrada school and dropped off the charitable collection for the delighted families who had been notified of their plans. 

Malika and her partners in kindness told the Euro Weekly News that this is just the beginning. Having made a first step towards both educating more fortunate students as to the tough realities facing many families, she and her friends now want to make this a regular practice and are absolutely convinced they can make a positive difference to local families in pain. 

Witnessing the support they received from the Benalmadena International College, and the determination on their faces, no one would doubt that they will continue to make a wonderful contribution to our community. 

If you would like to help you can visit Red Solidaridad Benalmadena Costa del Sol on Facebook or contact Malika, who speaks fluent English on 687 112 996. 



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