Pablo Iglesias may step aside in order to allow a government to be formed

© Podemos - Wikimedia
Pablo Iglesias, leader of Podemos.

AFTER a meeting which took about two hours between the leaders of PSOE and Podemos on March 30, Pablo Iglesias has indicated that if he is the stumbling block to the successful formation of a new and ground breaking government in Spain then he would be willing to step to one side to make it happen.

Soon after the results of the December election were revealed, he had gone straight on the offensive, demanding that if Podemos was to side with the PSOE then he would expect to be appointed Deputy Prime Minister and he even named the ministries that he wanted his fellow MPs to run.

He was also highly dismissive of the agreement between PSOE and Ciudadanos to work together to try to form a government and he has not made friends with the right of centre party led by Albert Rivera as he has been insistent that Catalonia should be allowed a referendum on independence.


Whether recent discontent in Podemos has had any effect on his decision is not known, but in a press conference soon after the meeting he was recorded as saying “If, in order to have a progressive coalition in Spain, my presence in the government is a problem for the Socialist party then I am willing to give way and not be part of this government.”

“There are no more excuses. We have demonstrated that we can give way. In politics, it’s a good thing to know when to give way and now it’s the Socialist party’s turn,” he also stated.

It is reported that he was told by PSOE leader that he personally is causing difficulty with other members of the PSOE ruling body and it is no secret that he is not popular with Ciudadanos and Albert Rivera but the fact that he would not play an open role in a coalition government may not satisfy his opponents who could consider that he would possibly be a ‘puppet master’ trying to manipulate policy in the background. 


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