Foreigners dominate 2015 market

© Alexander Tihonov via Shutterstock

WITH foreign buyers behind 17 per cent of all the home sale transactions made in Spain throughout 2015, more details have now been released on the geographical spread of the purchases which makes for interesting reading. 

There were more than 69,000 homes bought by foreign buyers in the Spanish property market across the year and the Valencian region was by far the most popular with 20,269 home purchased. A rather distant second was Andalucia, home to the Costa del Sol, with 14,398 homes sold. 

Catalonia took third spot on the list with more than 10,000 homes sold while the Canaries saw 7,286 transactions with foreign nationals. The Balearic Islands feature prominently on the map with more than 5,000 homes sold. 


The Balearics did, however, top the table when it came to foreigner purchases as a percentage of the overall market, with a huge 40 per cent of all transactions including a foreign national. This is in stark contrast to the capital Madrid where just 9 per cent of homes sold went to foreigners. 

Foreign demand has risen substantially over the past year and continues its steady climb from the dark days of the crisis. Figures are still, however, dwarfed by the halcyon days of 2006 across all areas. 


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