FBI unlock iPhone to Apple’s disgust

© Karlis Dambrans flickr
iPhone 5c is the phone that has been unblocked.

THE FBI and Apple have been deadlocked for a period of months over a demand that the company unlock a phone belonging to San Bernadino Daesh couple Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik who killed 14 people in December 2015.

It appeared that the matter had reached an impasse and would be going to court with the FBI expecting Apple to be instructed to unlock the phone, despite the fact that the company not only intended to refuse on grounds of customer security but also because it said that its security features were so good that it did not know how to unlock the phone.

The matter is now out of Apple’s hands however as the FBI has not only dropped the lawsuit but has revealed that it has found a third party able to unlock the phone without any input from Apple.


It is rumoured that an Israeli firm has ‘cracked’ the security but there is no news as to whether it intends to offer this service to any other governments. 

In the meantime, Apple will be desperately trying to discover the secret to the unlocking the phone and then increasing the security of future models and in a moment of bravado, it is reported that Apple has asked the FBI to let it know how the unlocking was achieved.



  1. whilst I was against gov being able to pry into ones phone on this occassion I feel that the FBI were right as it belonged to terrorists.
    Good on who ever unblocked it.

  2. This is good and bad news, the good news is the government got the access to the data they should have been able to get access to while it shows us and Apple they are not the be all and end all of computer security.

    Although I can sort of understand what Apple where saying personally I think they should have been hung out to dry over this as the information was terrorist related and this just goes to show that nothing is secure no matter how much the government, Microsoft or Apple want it to be or think it is!


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