Fake toro blood full flow in Madrid

© Twitter / Shutterstock
Imitating the death of the bull in Madrid.

CENTRAL MADRID saw a dramatic protest against bullfighting take place by animal rights campaigners. 

Rolling around on the ground with nothing but black underwear and covered in fake blood, the campaigners were a sight to behold as they imitated the killing of the bull. 

Some see it as a barbaric sport whilst others see it as an essential part of Spanish heritage and a tradition respecting the bull. 


Men and women used red paint splattered on their bodies to symbolise the suffering of the toros, and had fake money scattered around the ground in the sand to symbolise the money involved in the sport.  

The protest follows a large pro-bullfighting march in the eastern Spanish city of Valencia, where thousands of fans, including famous bull-fighters gathered to defend their culture and livelihood. 

It is reported that over 10,000 participants marched in Valencia to the city’s bullring in support of bullfighting after EU politicians had been discussing cutting subsidies for the raising of cattle used in the sport.  




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