Boozing father abandons daughter in car

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Bad parenting.

A MAN has been arrested in Malaga after leaving his seven year old daughter alone in a car whilst he drank in a nearby bar. The youngster eventually woke up, got out of the car, crossed the road and asked a passer-by for help in finding her father who was in a bar with the blinds pulled down. 

A man went with her to the car where she had been asleep and waited with her for her father to return. A few minutes later, he decided to call the police, who arrived to investigate what had happened. 

The police, searching for the father, went to the bar and found him inside drinking alcohol. The thirty-one-year-old man said to the police that he had left his daughter alone for 10 minutes while he picked up some documents. 


Although the perceptive officers noticed a strong smell of alcohol on him and the tell-tale glaze in the eyes as well as slurred speech. Reports from other customers in the bar said that the man had been there for a few hours.

Following a short investigation, the officers arrested the man for allegedly abandoning his daughter. Police then took the little girl back home to her mother who is separated from the father. 



  1. One law for some and another for others. Why wasn’t Madeline McCann’s parents arrested when they left their three children ‘Home Alone’?


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