Storm Katie batters the UK

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Winds and rain batter UK.

TRANSPORT NETWORKS across the UK are grinding to a halt amidst the raging winds of Storm Katie. 

Flights are being diverted and train services cancelled as the 105 mph winds force the UK to batten down the hatches. Motorists have also been warned about delays and to hold off travelling until the afternoon as weather warnings were issues across south east England and London. 

Gatwick Airport saw 24 flights diverted and 16 cancelled whilst Heathrow also saw delays and cancellations. 


Rail services saw a large numbers of cancelations and delays. Even the Dartford river crossing and the Severn Bridge were closed on Sunday night due to prevailing winds making crossing the elevated structures risky. 

Parts of the M6 motorway had to be closed in certain parts because of surface water but was cleared by early morning.

Shipping transports were also suspended from the port of Dover due to the severe weather conditions whilst back in the capital, London Fire Service dealt with 110 storm related incidents including many collapsed chimneys and scaffolding. 

Houses in the home-counties were also left without power with around 2,000 waiting for engineers to fix the faults caused by the conditions in Surrey, Sussex and Kent.

Sporting events had to be cancelled throughout the bank holiday weekend with the excessive rain and hurricane winds. 

Currently there is an amber warning in place in London and the South East, a slightly less serious warning of yellow for Wales, the East of England and the South West and a total of 92 flood warnings across the nation. 

Forecaster from the Met Office, Marco Petagna said: “There is likely to be a lot of surface spray on the roads, there could be localised flooding, and the winds could cause branches to come off the trees, and one or two tiles off the roof.

“On the south coast there could be quite large waves.

“People should keep tuned in to the forecast, and avoid the east coast, south coast and high grounds as well if possible.

“Allow extra time for your journey and if possible try and delay your journey as winds will tend to ease off throughout the day.”

The storm is expected to ease off a little by late March 28 although the warnings are still in place. 



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